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Do you find yourself cutting back on small vacation indulgences such as eating out for lunch? Good News! You don’t have to let the recession rob you of really enjoying your time in the area. You can still eat out for lunch; you just need to know where to go when you’re on a tight budget and luckily Raleigh and its surrounding areas have plenty of places for you to choose from!

If you’re in the downtown Raleigh area during lunch, try the Glenwood Grill on Glenwood Ave. With most lunch prices ranging from $4-$12, you can have a delicious salad and soup or even shrimp and grits without emptying out your wallet.  Or if you’re looking for a great place to unwind and chat during lunch, head to The Pit on Davie St. Not only is the food delicious and well-priced, the rich southern atmosphere will captivate and enliven you, perfect for those who seem to fall in a rut right after lunch!

If Cary is your destination for lunch, make sure to stop in the Chatham Street Café. Excellent for picky eaters, this place offers everything from savory Shrimp Bisque to cheesy Quesadillas, all at admirable prices! This is also an excellent choice for those who wish to dine alone. With a relaxing, artsy atmosphere you can catch up on reading, finish personal tasks, or just relax! Other places to try in Cary are the Udupi Café and Sushi-Thai. Udupi Café offers scrumptious vegetarian Indian cuisine at affordable prices while Sushi-Thai, also within budget, offers tasty sushi and classic Thai dishes. Not only will you be saving money but also you can diverge a little from your comfort zone and try something exotic!

Don’t let guilt get in the way of an excellent lunch ever again. Go ahead and try one of these amazing restaurants and treat yourself today because your wallet and taste buds can finally agree on something! Happy dining!

When money is a little tight, for college students, it’s even tighter. Sometimes forced to settle for cheap and convenient, those still following the undergraduate path often have to make the most of Ramen noodles or deal with fast food calories. However, college students need not settle for less when it comes to the things they eat. No longer do college students have to skip eating out or avoid healthy options due to limited funds! Raleigh and its surrounding areas offer plenty of excellent restaurants that not only cater to a smaller budget but also ensure the utmost quality in their food.

If you’re around the Glenwood South district of Raleigh, stop by Mellow Mushroom, MoJoe’s Burger Joint, or the newly opened Diner. All of these restaurants, though considered typical American grub, have gotten outstanding ratings from locals for everything from the acclaimed pizzas at Mellow Mushroom to the delicious burgers at MoJoe’s. Either way you go, all of these places are open for late- night eating, so if you are in the mood for something good but within budget in the wee hours these places have got you covered! The Diner is actually a 24/7 establishment!

Other great restaurants to try in the area are: East Village Grill on Hillsborough St., where they offer a $5 meal menu; the Raleigh Times in downtown Raleigh, which is a great place to grab a bite and then hang out for a drink; and of course the ever-so popular Sushi Blues that caters to the local college students with their half-off roll specials on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So, college students, whatever food you are in the mood for, go out and get it. Don’t settle for bland or unsatisfying food ever again. Raleigh has plenty of places for you to go out and enjoy yourself and not feel guilty later! Bon appétit!

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