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10440263096_e3b49fa54f_oNorth Carolina State Fair News Room

One of the very best parts of #31DaysofArt each year is the North Carolina State Fair, a first-class, family-oriented entertainment and educational event in the heart of Raleigh. The fair is the largest event in the state, and it offers a variety of artful experiences for all ages and tastes. You’ll find artwork that many consider more “crafty,” such as basket making, doll making and woodcarving. However, you’ll also find a lot of what people consider traditional art, such as sculpture, painting, drawing and photography. Exhibits attract all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons, from the history of the art form to simple aesthetic pleasure or even curiosity.

As one of the most popular and enduring attractions, the Village of Yesteryear features more than 75 artists and crafters creating, displaying and selling time-honored handmade crafts. Held in the North Carolina State Fairgrounds‘s Holshouser Building, this exhibit offers fairgoers a great opportunity to get a jump on their holiday shopping with items from all price ranges.

8095051351_7e62c39e48_oNorth Carolina State Fair News Room

Fair visitors can watch crafters spin wool into yarn, weave yarn into cloth, make rugs, turn pottery, carve wooden bowls and utensils, make split-oak baskets and more. Native American crafts, such as hand-coiled pottery, beadwork and stone carving are also featured. Kids and kids-at-heart can make their own dolls or stuffed toy to take home.

8095047441_e8fa479900_oNorth Carolina State Fair News Room

There are also a number of artful competitions available for entry, or just to enjoy.

  • 4-H: crafts and photography
  • Arts and Photography: professionals, amateurs, individual students and schools

10_Progress-Saturday2North Carolina State Fair News Room, Deep Fried Blog

  • Clothing
  • Decorated Cakes

8071687533_cc67fbc692_oNorth Carolina State Fair News Room

  • Flower and Garden Exhibits: flower arrangements and design; cut foliage, herbs and flowers in three different shows
  • Graphic Design: school competition
  • Handicrafts and Hobbies: experienced and novice categories
  • Home Furnishings: textiles and fine dining arrangements

“I think a lot of people go to the fair expecting to see only crafts, but there’s actually a big collection of all kinds of artwork to see by some very talented artists,” said Shelby Scattergood, a UNC-Greensboro student from Cary, who’s pursuing a BFA in drawing and printmaking. She’s participating for the first time this year in the Amateur Artist category with a colored pencil drawing on black paper entitled “Blind Faith.”

BlindFaithSelfPortraitShelby Scattergood, “Blind Faith”

Scattergood participated in the fair a few times while in high school. Now as an art major, she wants to show her work as often as possible. “For me, the North Carolina State Fair was one of the first times I ever won an award for my work. The fair really helped give me that initial push in confidence that led me to consider art as a career–and for me to be able to show my work now as an amateur makes me hope that another young artist-to-be can be inspired by my work to pursue art beyond high school!” she said. You can see Scattergood’s work up close and personal at the fairground’s Kerr Scott Building.

N.C.’s Arlene J. Medder makes tatted lace (lace entries can be found amidst the quilting, knitting and weaving). She’s been tatting for 25 years but has only competed since 2001. “There are so few tatters entering, I continue to help keep the category alive,” Medder said. “I’ve entered in several categories–baby clothes and jewelry in addition to non-threaded needlework–to give tatting a wider exposure. I also enter because I love to show off my work.”

tat1Arlene J. Medder (teapot pattern by Martha Ess)

Medder said that people who saw older relatives tat love to see crafters tatting. They are awed at the intricacy of the lace and admire the beauty. Some are also interested in the history associated with tatting.

tat2Arlene J. Medder (earrings pattern by Nina Libin)

N.C.’s Cheralyn Lambeth has seen a wide variety of arts and crafts exhibits and competitions at the fair over the years, from needlework (cross stitch, embroidery, quilting), to scrapbooking, egg decorating and even LEGO-building. She generally concentrates on the Miniatures section of Handicrafts & Hobbies, submitting dollhouse furniture pieces and/or miniature room boxes.

10689725_10152561138274055_6710228826337758383_nCheralyn Lambeth, Miniature Baby Bassinet

“I would probably call myself a professional crafter in the sense that I work in costume, prop and puppet building for film and television,” said Lambeth. “Dollhouse miniatures, though, have always been a fun hobby of mine ever since I was a child, and I’m always glad when I get the chance to build tiny things in my work as well (for puppets).” She first entered the fair on a whim, and won a blue ribbon for a miniature brass bed. She enjoyed the process and seeing her work on display so much that now she enters whenever she can.

10440420863_ea492f5f7b_oNorth Carolina State Fair News Room

“One of my very favorite things to do at the fair each year is to walk through the craft exhibits,” said Cary’s Juliet Jarvis. “I am a lifelong needle worker and to see the creativity of other crafters is inspiring. It must be quite a reward for someone who has spent hundreds of hours working on a piece to receive recognition in the form of a North Carolina State Fair ribbon. It also makes me happy to see proof that handcrafting items is still alive and well and being passed down to the next generation.”

What form of art or crafting are you most interested in seeing? Spend a weekend in Oct. exploring the 31 Days of Art–and hope to see you at the fair!

Written by Creative Genius Kristy Stevenson. You are invited to follow her online.

Craft Public House_EntranceCraft Public House is definitely one of a kind, and its spin on offering fresh, local ingredients paired with the best of craft brews is fueling its recipe for success in Greater Raleigh.

I tried Craft Public House for the first time this month, and my only regret is that I didn’t try the restaurant sooner. I’m now making up for lost time and have dined at the restaurant located off Tryon Rd., near the Cary Crossroads Plaza area, two times in two weeks.

Each time I dine here, I fall more in love with the menu. To me, it’s comfort food at its simplest. Owner Brian Cordileone likes to describe his restaurant as Cary’s first farm-fresh sports bar. He has partnered with several local farms to give his restaurant a fresh spin on serving casual dining at an affordable price point.

Craft Public House PretzelThe house pretzel bread is a restaurant specialty, and it’s delicious. My kids went wild over this entrée. Diners can also choose to have their burgers served on a pretzel bun as well. You can find anything on the menu here from fresh salads to gourmet pizzas to pub favorites like Shepherd’s Pie and fish and chips.

Craft Public House MenuOn my first visit, I tried the blackened salmon salad. It was outstanding, if you love salads. But sometimes I just love to order yummy comfort food that usually isn’t very skimpy on the calories. For my second visit, I ordered the personal-size BBQ chicken pizza with a N.C. seasonal brew, Pumpkin Pie Porter. I had enough to take home for lunch the next day, but the pizza was so good that I almost ate the entire thing in one sitting.

Craft Public House BeersYes, I love my N.C. seasonal beers, but Craft Public House also serves wine and house-crafted cocktails. The Elderflower Martini caught my eye. It is made with my favorite N.C.-made organic gin, St. Germain, basil-infused simple syrup and fresh lemon juice.

Craft Public House Outdoor SeatingCraft Public House has indoor and outdoor seating, and also features live music seasonally. It is family-friendly and has a good children’s menu, including fresh chicken tenders made to order.

See you around the neighborhood.

Craft Public House_LeighCraft Public House is located in Tryon Village Shopping Center, 1040 Tryon Village Dr. in Cary.

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Beldue, FloatTamie Beldue, “Float,” 2013, graphite, watercolor and encaustic on panel, 40 x 40 inches. Courtesy of the artist, © 2013 Tamie Beldue

The North Carolina Museum of Art has a plethora of events going on this October, featuring art masters ranging from musician Thurston Moore to legend Rembrandt. As part of #31DaysofArt, you’ll be treated to an array of videos and exhibits at the museum–some new and some part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Line, Touch, Trace highlights hand-drawn works by 13 North Carolina artists who use graphite, ballpoint pen, cont crayon, ink or charcoal to explore drawing in its relationship to thought processes.

Line may be used to precisely render contours or as calligraphy on the drawings surface; touch builds tonal values or erases edges; and traced marks may suggest elements of an imagined topography. The artists use line, touch and trace in works that communicate mental states, project invented worlds or portray moments of contemplation. North Carolina Museum of Art stated that the range of approaches presented attests to the effervescence of drawing and its contribution to contemporary art.

Esposito, Star FlungLori Esposito, “Star Flung,” 2013, two-sided graphite on translucent Mylar, 21 x 21 inches. Courtesy of the artist, © 2013 Lori Esposito

In the North Carolina Gallery. Click for show times, tickets and more. Running through Mar. 8, 2015.

Street is a video exhibition by British-born artist James Nares. Over the course of a week in Sept. 2011, Nares, who has lived in New York City since 1974, recorded 16 hours of high-definition footage of people on the streets of Manhattan through the use of a high-speed camera that is normally used from a stationary position to capture fast-moving subjects. The footage was captured from the windows of a moving car. Nares then slowed the video, editing down the results into 61 minutes of steady, continuous motion, which, if shown in real time, would last only three minutes. The video is accompanied by a score for 12-string guitar, composed and performed by Thurston Moore, singer and guitarist formerly of Sonic Youth.

StreetJames Nares, “Street” (still), 2011, high-definition audio with sound with music by Thurston Moore, 61 minuntes. Courtesy of the artist and Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York, © 2014 James Nares

My intention was to give the dreamlike impression of floating through a city full of people frozen in time, caught Pompeii-like, at a particular moment of thought, expression or activity … a film to be viewed a hundred years from now. –James Nares

In the Main Hall Video Gallery. Running through Sept. 6, 2015. Click for show times, tickets and more details.

With representations from the permanent collection, Sacred Motherhood: Mother-and-Child Representations from the Permanent Collection is an exhibition focused on 13 representations of mother and child, found in numerous cultures and spanning thousands of years from ancient Egypt to the 21st century. The works of art in the exhibition are diverse and include artifacts, paintings (one is even abstract), sculpture, ceramics, photographs and lithographs.

PASCHAL, Beulah's Baby, G_48_1_2Primrose McPherson Paschal, “Beulah’s Baby,” 1948, oil on canvas, 30 x 25 inches, North Carolina Museum of Art. Purchased with funds from the North Carolina State Art Society (Robert F. Phifer Bequest)

This exhibition uncovers how artists treat motherhood itself as worthy of reverence and honor. In the East Building, Level B. Visitors are encouraged to continue their exploration of this theme in the permanent collection galleries of the museum’s West Building.

Running through Dec. 7. Click for show times, tickets and more.

Experience Small Treasures: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals and Their Contemporaries–big artists, small paintings. Featuring 66 paintings by the greatest masters from the Dutch and Flemish Golden Ages.

Dufhysen, Seated BoyPieter Jacobsz. “Duyfhuysen,” Seated Boy Eating Porridge, circa 1655, oil on wood, 8 3/16 x 5 5/16 inches. Maida and George Abrams Collection, Boston, Mass., Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Photograph: © 2014 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Drawn primarily from public and private collections throughout the U.S., these works showcase the quality, skill and diversity of artists like Anthony van Dyck, Adriaen Brouwer, David Teniers, Frans Hals, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Jan Steen, Gerard ter Borch, Gerrit Dou and Frans van Mieris the Elder brought to their artistry. Visitors will enjoy group and individual portraits, self-portraits, allegorical portraits and tronies (a Dutch word for faces or character studies).

Vermeer, Young Woman Seated at a VirginalJohannes Vermeer, “Young Woman Seated at a Virginal,” circa 1670–72, oil on canvas, 9 7/8 x 7 7/8 inches. The Leiden Collection, New York.

Curated by Dennis P. Weller, this exhibition is the first publication to exclusively explore these small-scale works and will include full-size reproductions of each of the paintings in the exhibition. Running through Jan. 4, 2015. Click for show times and tickets.

Spend a weekend exploring Greater Raleigh during 31 Days of Art!

Written by Creative Genius Kristy Stevenson. You are invited to follow her online.

desireLooking for an artful reason to visit Greater Raleigh? Raleigh Little Theatre is pleased to bring you Desire Under the Elms, a drama by Eugene O’Neill, as part of 31 Days of Art. A 20th-century American classic inspired by ancient Greek drama, this fever dream is set in rural New England. A father of three, Ephraim Cabot returns to the family farm with his young bride Abbie. Although his youngest son Eben at first loathes the newcomer, hatred eventually gives way to lust–and the resulting conflict threatens to rock the peaceful farm to its core. Watch a video preview of the show.

Click for show times, tickets and more details. Running through Oct. 26.

10480106_10152654590655586_2710004588995536928_oOn Oct. 19, enjoy a post-show forum with special guest Dan Ellison, attorney at law and adjunct professor at Duke University. Ellison will talk about the historical controversy surrounding this play; director David Henderson and cast members will join the conversation to talk about their own perspectives on the value of producing this show.  

Later in the month, Raleigh Little Theatre presents the musical Mirandy and Brother Wind. It’s 1906 in Ridgetop, S.C., and Mirandy is determined to catch Brother Wind. It’s her best bet to win the cake walk, but he eludes all the tricks that her friends advise. This adaptation of a popular children’s book is a cultural celebration that is full of lively song and dance.

Based on the story by Patricia McKissack, and adapted by Michael J. Bobbitt and John L. Cornelius. Libretto by Michael J. Bobbitt. Music and lyrics by John L. Cornelius. And presented as part of Raleigh Little Theatre’s “Connecting Theatre to 20th Century African-American Experiences” program.

10668874_10152700626995586_2442423478295843533_oClick for show times, tickets and more. Running Oct. 31-Nov. 16.

Help celebrate theatre and literature by coming dressed as your favorite character from a book. All costumed audience members on opening night (Oct. 31) receive a show button and the chance to win the grand prize of membership to the Raleigh Little Theatre Youth Series for 2014-15. Second prize is a copy of McKissack’s book. Celebrate books! Celebrate theatre! Celebrate the imagination!

It’s all for you during #31DaysOfArt.

Written by Creative Genius Kristy Stevenson. You are invited to follow her online.

One of the nation’s largest and most prestigious cross country events, the Great American Cross Country Festival, returned to Cary’s WakeMed Soccer Park Cross Country Course this past weekend for the sixth consecutive year. More than 2,500 runners from 140 high schools and colleges across the U.S. met in Cary on a beautiful morning, Sat., Oct. 4, and competed against each other as well as the 5k course. Results from the meet can be found on the Great American website.

Here are some photos from race morning. Click the photos to zoom in.

Great American XC 7

Great American XC 13

Great American XC 11

Great American XC 12

Great American XC 10

Great American XC 2

Great American XC 4

Great American XC 6

Great American XC 1

Great American XC 5

Great American XC 3

Great American XC 8All photos are courtesy of the Great Raleigh Sports Alliance. You can follow GRSA on Twitter at @raleighncsports and Instagram at @raleighncsports. There’s more cross country happening in Greater Raleigh this fall and you can see a schedule of sports events at

achorusline headerNorth Carolina Theatre and 31 Days of Art are privileged to bring you A Chorus Line, winner of nine Tony Awards, including Best Musical. This beloved production is a stunning musical-vérité about a chorus audition for a Broadway show. It’s a brilliantly complex fusion of dance, song and compellingly authentic drama–telling the achingly poignant ambitions of professional Broadway gypsies to land a job in the show. As such, it’s a powerful metaphor for all human aspiration and a celebration of the American musical, itself.

MitziHamilton ACL archiveNorth Carolina Theatre, a non-profit professional regional theatre producing professional Broadway musical revivals, is thrilled to call Mitzi Hamilton (pictured above) the director and choreographer of its first production of the season. Hamilton is an original London cast member of A Chorus Line and the woman whose story was the inspiration for the character of “Val.”

This classic tale centers on 17 Broadway dancers and travels through the audition process as they describe the events that shaped their lives and they come face-to-face with the reality of a career in show business. Memorable musical numbers include “What I Did for Love,” “One (Singular Sensation),” and “I Hope I Get It.”

10635965_10154678789620187_3999987273617023195_nNorth Carolina Theatre brings a diverse cast with versatile backgrounds to the stage. Jessica Lee Goldyn, Nathaniel Shaw, Tito Hernandez and Ashley Adamek headline.

A Chorus Line is part of the North Carolina Theatre’s 2014-15 season. Catch the sensation at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts, Oct. 14-19. It’s all for you during Greater Raleigh’s #31DaysOfArt. For more information, click here.

Written by Creative Genius Kristy Stevenson. You are invited to follow her online.

Second photo, credit: Mitzi Hamilton
Third photo, credit: Curtis Brown Photography

CAMTake a ride into Greater Raleigh and explore October’s 31 Days of Art! Design your own artful weekend, starting with the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM Raleigh) as they present Limited Visibility, an exhibition of photography, sculpture, mixed media, video and installation works by the leading Latin American contemporary artists working today.

This exhibit includes a selection of works from the collection of Randy Shull and Hedy Fischer, in addition to other leading artists from Latin America. Voluntary omission, erasure, withholding and concealment: these are the methods employed by the artists in order to draw attention to that which is missing. Representations of absence, such as the missing object of labor in Allora and Calzadilla’s sandpaper composition or the cutouts in Jose Davila’s photographs, play a key role in this exhibition as they determine, border and define the void they surround. What we see in these images, paintings and installations is what is not there: each work absents presence and presents something absent. Seer, seen and unseen come together to evoke the haunted sensation of searching and looking.

Laura-Belém-Temple-of-One-Thousand-Bells-03Though the aims of each of the works in this exhibit are different, the artists each draw our attention to the omitted, giving it a kind of determination or persistence that is hard to ignore.

Click for more information.

Also at CAM Raleigh: the So & So Poetry Series. So and So is a Raleigh-based reading series and magazine curated by Chris Tonelli. The series began in Boston, Mass., in 2006 and moved to Raleigh in 2008. Featuring both local and national poets, So & So has hosted more than 300 readers, including Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners.

In order to connect more fully with Raleigh’s arts community, So & So has partnered with CAM Raleigh for the 2014 season. Poets will be responding to pieces of their choosing in whatever exhibit is being shown at the time of their reading. The hope is that this will launch a dialogue between the poets and artists, and may even lead to interesting and exciting collaborations.

The Oct. 9 event will feature poets Adam Clay, Ada Limon, Douglas Piccinnini and Michael Robins. Click for more information.

clay2 limon2 piccinnini RobinsLocated at 409 W. Martin St., CAM Raleigh seeks to curate the most contemporary works of art and design possible–those still emerging, growing and living. They hope to spark new thinking by creating ever-changing experiences that explore what’s now and nearing. How will they inspire you? #31DaysOfArt

Written by Creative Genius Kristy Stevenson. You are invited to follow her online.

Second photo in blog photo credit:
Laura Belém, Temple of One Thousand Bells, 2010, Installation
Photo: Alex Walkowicz

Nature lovers will enjoy spending time at Crowder District Park in Apex. This is one of my favorite parks in Greater Raleigh because it has wonderful playgrounds for the children, family environmental programs and easy walking trails that are perfect for the beginner hiker.

Crowder Park 4Crowder Park has two walking trails. The first one, called the Outer Loop Trail, is about 8/10 of a mile. My son’s Cub Scout Pack uses this trail yearly as the first Cub Scout hike for the season. On this trail, walkers loop around the Bird Garden, Prairie Garden and the Shade Garden. The second trail is much shorter at 3/10 of a mile. This Inner Loop/Pond Trail takes you by Crowder Pond, the boardwalk and to the observation deck, where you can view park wildlife.

Crowder Park 1Crowder Pond is the perfect place to take in hands-on water quality educational programs. We had fun counting the turtles on our visit!

Crowder Park 2Crowder District Park consists of 33 acres of landscaped grounds and hardwood forests. There are three playgrounds, three picnic shelters, a sand volleyball court, playfield and an outdoor amphitheatre. Picnic tables are scattered throughout the park and available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is also an Eagle Scout picnic area, which is a gravel pad area with two picnic tables and small grill located between the Robin Shelter and lower restroom facilities.

With the Butterfly Garden and environmental staff on-site, the park offers many educational opportunities for children throughout the year, as well as events. For 15 years, it has hosted an annual Frog Fest. Frog Fest, is a hoppin’-good time with games, hands-on educational experiences and live music. This event is usually held in the spring.

Crowder Park 3Bring out your nature side at Crowder District Park. The park is open daily from 8am-sunset and is located at 4709 Ten Ten Rd. in Apex. Park admission is free. Some educational programs do have a small fee, and registration is required.

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Dracula_940x550Just in time for Halloween, 31 Days of Art is pleased to impart a haunting spin on a classic theatrical tale. Lynne Taylor-Corbett’s Dracula (from the Bram Stoker classic) and Robert Weiss’s The Masque of the Red Death (from the short story by Edgar Allen Poe) are returning in a seductively beautiful (and fabulous!) production from the Carolina Ballet. Both are set to original, commissioned scores by J. Mark Scearce, played live by an intimate chamber ensemble.

Dubbed as a classic horror dripping with passion, this program originally debuted in 2010 with a News & Observer newspaper critic saying, “the new works based on the classics of the macabre emphasize the visual and the dramatic … enhanced by cutting-edge technology and original scores, both pieces are geared to audiences beyond core dance fans.”


“Stoker based his tale on the legend that arose in the mountains of Transylvania where there lived an ancient race that was repeatedly crushed by the Turks. The Transylvanians found a way to become more powerful by drinking the blood of other living things. The ultimate product was Count Dracula, who became stronger with each passing century. However, even Dracula could not invade a life unless he was ‘invited’ into it by the need of his victim. Stoker used this device to comment on the sexual repression of the Victorian Age.

The author spins his famous tale through the letters and journals of the main characters, as they struggle to understand the dark, mysterious force is that is changing their lives. I have based this adaptation on Stoker’s conceit. The tale is a classic struggle between good and evil; man versus the unknown.” -Lynne Taylor-Corbet

Dracula7-940x752-940x0The Carolina Ballet company is a premier arts organization, launched in 1997 under Weiss’s direction. It has since garnered critical praise from the national and international media, staged 80 world premiere ballets and toured internationally in China and Hungary. Weiss is the former artistic director of the Pennsylvania Ballet and principal dancer at New York City Ballet under the legendary George Balanchine. He programs traditional ballets by legendary masters and new works by contemporary choreographers.

Presented as part of The Carolina Ballet’s 2014-15 season at the A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater at Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts. Recurring Thurs.-Fri., Oct. 9-10, and Sat.-Sun., Oct. 11-26; $25-$68. Click for more details.

Dracula3-940x752-940x0Sink your teeth into the 31 Days of Art calendar to plan an Oct. trip to Greater Raleigh and learn more about #31DaysofArt.

Written by Creative Genius Kristy Stevenson. You are invited to follow her online.

687If you love the symphony, then Greater Raleigh’s 31 Days of Art has a great October for you! The North Carolina Symphony presents Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto as part of its Classical Series. Featuring Strauss: Don Juan and Strauss: Death and Transfiguration. Eugene Tzigane, conductor; Di Wu, piano. At the beautiful Meymandi Concert Hall at Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts. Recurring daily, Oct. 24-25, 8-10pm; $18-$65. Hot Tip: Click this link and use the code 31DAYS to save more than 25 percent as a special part of Raleigh’s 31 Days of Art.

744You can also join Dr. Jonathan Kramer of North Carolina State University for a pre-concert talk: Fri. and Sat. at 7pm, Swalin Lobby, Meymandi Concert Hall.

oscarsAlso check out Friday Favorites: At the Oscars. Enjoy hits from Oscar-winning films such as Star Trek, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, 2001: A Space Odyssey, West Side Story and Star Wars. William Henry Curry, resident conductor. This special daytime performance is seated by general admission and performed without intermission. Click this link and use the code 31DAYS to save more than 40 percent on advance tickets as a special part of 31 Days of Art! Tickets will also be available one hour before showtime at the concert hall. The North Carolina Symphony; Meymandi Concert Hall at Duke Energy for the Performing Arts; Oct. 17, noon; pre-concert talk at 11am. $28 general admission.

You may also enjoy the symphony’s production of Yevgeny Sudbin Plays Rachmaninoff. Featuring Shostakovich: Festive Overture; Shostakovich: Symphony No. 1; and Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 3. Grant Llewellyn, conductor; Yevgeny Sudbin, piano. Click this link and use the code 31DAYS to save more than 25 percent on your ticket purchase. Meymandi Concert Hall at Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts; recurring daily, Oct. 3-4, 8-10pm; meet the artists, Fri. at 6:30pm (Swalin Lobby, Meymandi Concert Hall).

737470And join Dr. Jonathan Kramer of North Carolina State University for a pre-concert talk: Sat. at 7pm in the Swalin Lobby.

Click here for more deals and special offers.

Greater Raleigh’s Oct. calendar is filled with 31 days of performances, exhibits and gallery shows in a broad range of artistic disciplines, all for you. #31DaysOfArt

Written by Creative Genius Kristy Stevenson. You are invited to follow her online.


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