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Have you ever spotted a firefly on a warm summer night and wondered how it lights itself up?  Are you mystified by the deep-sea creatures glowing shades of neon on the Discovery channel?  If so, then the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science’s Glow: Living Lights exhibit on bioluminescence is sure to excite you.

From now until Sept. 12, the Glow exhibit will explore the amazing phenomenon that allows bugs and other organisms to produce their own light, also known as bioluminescence.  You’ll explore an array of glowing organisms, from the fireflies you’ve seen so often to the mysterious animals of the mid-ocean depths.  You’ll also learn about the benefits of scientific research on bioluminescence, from cancer-fighting drug development to anthrax spore detection.

In addition to the exhibit itself, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to experts talk about this phenomenon.  On August 12, come out and listen to Duke University Associate Professor of Biology Sonke Johnsen present Deep Light: Bioluminescence and Vision 2,000 Feet below the Bahamas.  On Sept. 11, come learn from Brevard College Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Jennifer Frick-Rupert as she talks about local fireflies.

For tickets, visit this site.  You’re guaranteed to be glowing with knowledge and excitement about bioluminescence after you visit this fun exhibit.

Curious George has crept into the imaginations and hearts of countless children and parents through his classic storybook tale, and now families can enjoy the curious little monkey live on stage in the inaugural tour of Curious George Live.

The RBC Center will be home to Curious George’s live performance on Aug. 13th-15th.  Come watch George as he embarks on a fun-filled, musical journey that takes him to the International Golden Meatball Competition.  The Man in the Yellow Hat helps George learn tons about friendship, travel and meatballs as they come to life on stage for the first time!

Tickets are $15 to $25 for general seating and $35 for floor seats, with the exception of an opening night discount for Friday, starting at $13.  Want to know a little secret?  You can save $3 off each ticket by using the promotional code ‘FRIEND’ when buying your tickets online.  What a great deal!

This event is sure to be a great experience for children and parents alike, so buy your tickets here, today!


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